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Natural Agate Druzy Deep Cut Phone Grips

Natural Agate Druzy Deep Cut Phone Grips

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Natural deep cut Agate Druzy white and dyed blue, hot pink, purple and black phone grip cap with gold edges.

These natural agate comes with deep cut/holes, natural cracks where sometimes the base of the cap can be seen as well. If you want without any holes or cracks you can go to our other druzy agate listing which offers without any kind of discrepancies.

Please Note:
This crystal phone grip is made from natural stones due to which each piece is different from one another. The textures, design, shade and size of the stones may vary and the delivered product may not be the exact copy of the picture shown. Also, there may be some spots of discoloration, unstructured edges and clefts in this natural stone stand as the original shape and design of the stone has been preserved for uniqueness. The weight and diameter of each stone will be different between 5cm-7cm allowing it to be also used as a cell phone stand. Please feel free to contact if you have any further query regarding the product*

Agate is the stone of protection, creates a sense of security and safety. It promotes balance and harmony and grounds the mind body and spirit.

Please message us if you would like more photos, we can always work with your preferences!

Lastly, always, always and always message us if you have any issues with the item
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